Easy pop beats and experimental underwater moods. These Swedes have made quite a stir in the European and American underground. One of the most exiting and unique albums of
Easy pop beats and experimental underwater moods. These Swedes have made quite a stir in the European and American underground. One of the most exiting and unique albums ofEasy pop beats and experimental underwater moods. These Swedes have made quite a stir in the European and American underground. One of the most exiting and unique albums of 2000. Read more info here...

Duckweed Records

Format: CD

Released: June 2000
58 min 14 tracks

air>>>moon>>>stereo is an e.p. of spacey and ethereal mood pop from Moonbabies of Malmo, Sweden. Moonbabies' complex yet accessible song writing style and richly layered male-female vocal harmonies are well showcased here on their debut 7" vinyl release. Read more info here...

Moonkrack Recordings

Format: 7"

Released: Sept 1999
15 min 4 tracks

A nice looking white vinyl 7" distributed in Japan and the UK exclusively. Includes "I'm Insane but so are you" and previously unreleased "Happy When Smile". Not availble in webstore,

Sur La Plage

Format: 7"
Released: Dec 2001
7 min 2 tracks

The latest release from the band, includes the "June and Novas" favorite "We're Layabouts" + 4 previously unreleased songs. While "Cherry Blossoms" & "Olympian Heights" pulls the listener into electronical and experimental oceans, the fragile lushness of "Blue" & and the danceable "Happy When Smile"
shows up all the best elements of moonbabies. A must-have for fans of the "June and Novas" album.
Duckweed Records

Format: CDEP

June 2001
21 min 5tracks

Sweet Morning Themesongs

longplaying cassette on tangerine tapes
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Climbing Up these Miles

longplaying cassette on Best Kept Secret
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PROMOTIONAL DEMOS (used for radio and reviews)
[6 songs 25min] April 1997

the self-released debut from a young and inspired duo, which finds it's way through brightening pop ("tubeblow") to darker territories as on the title track and "anaestehic coma". A band trying to convince every one around of it's brilliance. the only recordings made (yet) to not be engineered/produced by the moonbabies themselves.

highlights: tremolo arm sway and blue

[7 songs 27 min] August 1997

hey popsy was recorded in a semi-pro studio located in malmo, but the home-recorded songs such as "over my head" and "sloshed" pretty much overglanced the hi-fidelity of the studiorecordings. the tape got great reviews in swedish magazines and the moonbabies anthem "a brand new coat" got it's fair share of radio-airplay.

Highlights: a brand new coat, epileptic (an early acoustic version) and over my head


[5 songs 18 min] December 1997

the first of the demos with the glossy fold-out sleeves "starsongs, moonsongs & drones", was a step into the MBV/shoegazer galaxy, which the band still often gets compared to. multilayered vocals and guitars, echoed and phased until infinity on songs like "just a wobble" and "rollercoaster"(which later became the soft "Spanish fork" on 5 fresh tunes... 2 years later). Beautiful and wrecked at the same time, this tape showed which way the band was heading
next musically.

highlights: green sprout, just a wobble and a brand new coat (mix)
[4 songs 17 min] May 1998

in the beginning of 1998, the duo was fed up with never be able to perform their repetuar at loud volume, with drums, bass and fuzzy guitars. The started to put up ad's searching for a drummer and a bassplayer, and found henrik thörn and thomas lundberg who fit perfectly into the band, musically and personally. "spitfire e.p." was recorded during 3 days in april ´98 where each member got to pick one favorite song from the scrapbook. a more dynamic and aggressive release to the previous tapes.

highlights: kerosene and dead love
[4 songs 16 min] August 1998

the four songs on this tape was the result of a creative 2 day long session in july 1998. ola had just got home from a vacation filled with inspiration and wrote and recorded a handful songs like slowmono, batmobile (later on 12 TRK demo and the duckweed sampler 2000 comp. not included on this tape.), elephant hospital (later a campo mondo song), crystal below zero and clint. with carina adding her warm vocals to the production, bottle of notes e.p. was another great chapter in the book of moonbabies.

highlights: clint, slowmono and crystal below zero
[4 songs 18 min] April 1999

olympian height e.p. Was the first tape to get moonbabies some attention outside sweden. the Kettle Black 'zine, US wrote "
The overall touch of emotion and sadness lends a universal appeal, similar to the work of Joy Division...//... Ola's Frick's deep, masculine voice is perfectly contrasted with Carina Johansson's pristine female backup vocals...//... If you like harmonic, introspective, catchy dreampop with substance, Moonbabies is a sure bet." first planned to be released on 7" e.p. this cassette is included on tangerine tapes "sweet morning themesongs" compilation.

Highlights: all of them. have you ever said goodbye?, epileptic, starlet and in the banshees
[5 songs 22 min] June 1999

moonbabies had started using more and more professional recording equipment by now and also began to compress their much recognizable MBV/shoegazer style. this tape got great reviews everywhere. more danceable n´ easy-to-get than ever "five fresh tunes from..." showed a balanced and more mature moonbabies.

Highlights: I'm insane but so are you and happy when smile
12 TRK DEMO 1999
[12 songs 30 min] June 1999

the last of the series of self-released demos. "12 TRK demo" invited the listener through a musical journey from the opener "June and novas" to the slow breakbeat instrumental closer "mungo's memories". some pretty experimental stuff as well as some easy pop ("city walk" and "we still use it in the wrong way"). the first ever coverversion to ever be released by the band was a stunning laid-back version of the velvet underground's "hey mr.rain". almost all of the tracks on this CD were later picked for different compilations and also lays the ground fro moonbabies "June and novas" cd-album. the duo's best "demo" effort without a question.

Highlights: June and novas, city walk, wash off, pianohammers, winter broken time and batmobile.
3rd Harvet
greatest unsigned fall/winter 1998
[blekingska #5]

given away as a free gift at a gig, headlined by moonbabies at blekingska nationen, lund, sweden, december 1998. CD includes the moonbabies track "Clint". Other bands include atlas, motel north and mållgan. 500 copies printed.
Klubbskiva 3
[promopop #3]

sent out as a promotion cd in april 1999 to attract swedish record labels. promopop also arranged a showcase in linköping, Sweden where moonbabies did a 5 song set. the CD includes a different version of "a brand new coat", not found elsewhere. Other bands on this promo CD: the technicolors, soulboxopera, monotone, flu, superiors, mystery seek fun and george rampage.
popstad 2000
vibrafon records

another promocd (double CD) including all 33 bands performing during the yearly popstad event. 31 of the bands comes from malmo or has a connection to the the town. moonbabies "I'm insane but so are you" is found as the first track on the 2nd CD among the other bands you find dipper, the wannadies, ray wonder, liberator, the ark, brainpool, elevator adam, colubrids, david and the citizens and the blimb
popwire collection 1

yet another promocd. this time from the Swedish mp3 site popwire who presented this CD at a convent in cannes, france. CD includes "I'm insane but so are you" along with tracks from lark, park(!), planet superfly, heavily skillbillies and more .
duckweed sampler 2000
duckweed records

a massive international compilation effort by duckweed records including lord litter, grenade, pointy birds, bill Foreman, moloch, campo mondo (a sideproject by wieslander/frick), mister karate, the house carpenters, the imaginary band, jo & joe, halestorm, careless carliss & the cantelope girls and 3 songs by moonbabies; "epileptic", "batmobile" and "city walk (demo)".
global Lo-fi Underground 3
duckweed records


duckweed also put out another compilation around the same time as duckweed sampler 2000. The third of their excellent global lo-fi underground series. This one includes "my buddy buddy (nice & clean mix)", "blue" and "fall". other artist around this time are among many ray carmen, lord litter, grenade, used alien mind, bill forman, moloch, a:minor and mister karate. The music runs the gamut from rock, folk, and experimental to just plain craziness. Some of it is not easily categorizable. It is all home recorded. A compilation as good as it gets.
beware of the richochet
best kept secret

20 lo-fi compositions released as a cassette comp by Alexandro crestani's italian best kept secret. here you'll find a very rough version of "sister gold" along with tracks from mostly UK based band's like luminous, [astroboy], gary k, idiot box and 360 sound.


a compilation of songs recorded by friends in celebration of label owners Dan and Heather's wedding. music from the autocollants, astrobrite, mahogany, the ecstasy of st. theresa, sandrine, masters of the hemisphere, con dolore (formerly polar), mr. clay (brittle stars guitarist), isobella (formerly akasha), freezing butterfly (from japan), and loveliescrushing. moonbabies contributed with a new and un-released song titled "princes and princesses".
painted dream II

losing today is a great indiemag, focused on ethereal and dreampop. you'll get a free CD-compilation along with the paper. painted dream includes "I'm insane but so are you" by moonbabies and tracks from ecstasy of st. theresa, mira, trembling blue stars, white rose transmission and more.