These are the different variations I've made. Keep the # of the sleeves [ It will be much more simple to discuss it with numbers instead of desciptions ] .

We don't have any good not-used photos [except for One, which I used here ], but I can't see the importance of having a unseen band picture on this sleeve. I think the "not-used" picture is good, but I like the others better. Thanks for your suggestions about having the title in white (Great!) and I did fix the warped cirles to the back. It looks better this way, I agree.

All combinations of photos and colour is of course easy to redo.

Brown with yellow text...

Front #1                                                                              Back #1

Back #2

Dark Brown with Orange text...

Front #2                                                                              Back #3

Red with yellow text

Front #3                                                                              Back #4

Back #5

The Old back ( I still like it a lot...)

Back #6