air>>>moon>>>stereo e.p.
7" vinyl single
(4 songs 15 min) Released September 1999



2. a brand new coat
3. starlet

The debut single "air>>>moon>>>stereo e.p." was released in September 1999 and was immediatly given bla.bla.bla. The Scottish ´zine announced it to be the Jan-Feb 2000 issue Record winnner. Quote: "There is nothing finer than a 7" single. To me it is the ultimate art form. And here's a perfect example. Music that takes on an ethereal dynamic all of its own. You can almost touch it. Across 4 tracks the Moonbabies stake their claim to being one of that select band of artists who salve your soul and touch you in the innermost recesses of your mind. There's hints of psychedelia, a smidgin of Love, part Moby Grape, Belle & Sebastian and even Pooka. Acoustic without ever being twee this is the Zeitgeist award winner for February 2000. One listen to "Have You Ever..." and you'll know why. "