Careless Carliss & The Cantelope Girls (USA) - Bill Foreman (USA) - Moonbabies (Sweden) - Pointy Birds (USA) - Halestorm (Canada) - Grenade (Brazil) - Moloch (USA) - Lord Litter (Germany) - The House Carpenters (USA) - Jo & Joe (USA) - Mister Karate (USA) - Campo Mondo (Sweden) - The imaginary Band (USA)
I'm Insane But So Are You / June and Novas / Kissing Underwater / Have You Ever Said Goodbye / Piano Hammers / We're Layabouts / Shining Sun / Because You Can't Explain / My Buddy Buddy / City Walk / Count Stars>>>Be Patient / Sister Gold / We Still Use It in the Wrong Way / Winter Broken Time
Our most ambitious effort to date, featuring studio-recorded and home-recorded independent music from Germany, Sweden, Brazil and the United States. This album contains 21 songs by 14 independent bands from 4 countries. Various styles of music presented here might be called rock, pop, jazz, folk, avant garde and techno, but much of is not easily categorizable. June and Novas is the official debut release from Sweden's Moonbabies. It contains 14 songs and a couple short hidden tracks as well. The CD includes a full-color 16-page CD-booklet containing lyrics, photographs, and original artwork by Ola Frick of Moonbabies. June and Novas was released by Duckweed Records in June of 2000.
"A splendid, schizophrenic compilation, just the way we like it." - Zeitgeist

"This latest release is one of the best I've yet come across & has definitely confirmed a new fan for at least one of the bands here. A couple, such as Bill Foreman & Moloch I've come across before & their contributions here are as usual, excellent.... Highlight for me here is the excellent selections from Swedish outfit Moonbabies, most notably the fabulous fuzz-pop of "Epileptic".. Great stuff all the way through & well worth seeing what's on the way from this label" - hEARd International Releases
"Moonbabies fill the empty spots with their own inventiveness and a sense for infectious pop melodies worth killing for. There is nothing in the wrong spot here; everything is planned but still the outcome doesn't lack intensity and creativity." - Broken Face Magazine

"They're not only diverse in the normal way (slow songs, fast songs, mid-tempo material), but sound like a different band each time they come to the plate. If I were to compare Carina's voice on each track of this record, I bet I'd come up with the name of a different female singer each time." -Splendid